Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a man-made lake running over 180 miles through Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. It was formed from the Colorado River by Glen Canyon Dam, which was completed in 1963. Glen Canyon is a National Recreational Area, with facilities for boating, fishing and camping. Lake Powell was named after John Wesley Powell, an explorer who chronicled the first expedition down the Colorado River.

Lake Powell, near Page, Arizona

We took a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam and power plant, which originated at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center. Glen Canyon Dam is the second highest dam in the United States. The highest is nearby Hoover Dam in Nevada. The power plant provides hydroelectric power to many medium and small cities and towns of the Western United States. The tour was very interesting and, since much of it was air-conditioned, it was refreshing after driving through the hot Arizona desert.

Glen Canyon Dam and Power Plant

After leaving Lake Powell, we headed northwest toward Kanab, Utah where we stayed overnight. The ride was scenic and all along the way we could smell sage brush. This is something you cannot experience the same way traveling in a car. The next day we visited Zion National Park.

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