Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks

Bryce Canyon was our favorite of all of the parks we visited on this trip. Its beautiful landscape is made up of unusually shaped red rock pillars known as "hoodoos".

Bryce Canyon

We rode our bikes through the park, stopping at the viewpoints to look at the scenery and take pictures.


Bryce Canyon - Wall Street

We also went on a hikd into the canyon to stretch our legs and get a look at the hoodos and wildlife up close.

Anita, Carol & Steve at Bryce


A Panoramic view of Zion National Park

The next day we rode over to Zion National Park.  In Zion, we rode through the park, stopping to take pictures of the beautiful scenery.  We also took a hike through one of the rivers in Zion.  The panoramic picture above was actually made by taking several snapshots and piecing them together with software.


Another Scenic View of Zion National Park

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